ABC-TV Features Epstein at Arcview

At the Arcview Forum in Las Vegas on November 13th and 14th, BGP Advisors co-Founder and Partner Ruth Epstein was sought after for her business expertise and to be a featured spokesperson when the TV cameras showed up. Not only did Ruth mentor an up-and-coming entrepreneur for his Shark-Tank-like pitch, but was chosen from among the hundreds of attendees to speak about the opportunities for investors in the cannabis industry, and the value of the Arcview platform. Epstein summarized the feeling of all the investors and entrepreneurs at the conference, saying "The opportunity is massive." Watch the video HERE

BGP Advisors Mentor Software Entrepreneur for Arcview Pitch

BGP Advisors Partners Ruth Epstein and Christopher Smith and Advisor Don Jennings brought their decades of business experience together to mentor a cannabis technology entrepreneur in preparation for his pitch at the recent Arcview Conference in Las Vegas. Over just a few highly collaborative sessions, BGP was able to refocus the pitch to more clearly articulate the value proposition and business opportunity, and more forcefully present the opportunity to invest. After the very successful, shark-tank-like pitch, there was a great deal of positive buzz from conference attendees who include accredited investors, mentors and consultants, and even other entrepreneurs. To such mentoring (and othe

Trailblazer Ruth Epstein Unpacks the Challenges and Opportunities in Cannabis

What ever happened to Mary Jane? High times for cannabis trailblazers Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe recreational cannabis should be legal, according to the latest polling [1] from Gallup. And while different levels of the government have shown various levels of acceptance to the plant, investors with institutional expertise are already working to exploit the opportunities they see in the space. PAM spoke with Chris Leavy, former BlackRock executive and now co-chairman and partner at cannabis management firm MedMen, along with individual investor Ruth Epstein about the state of play in the cannabis industry. MedMen MedMen was founded in 2009 by Adam Bierman, formerly senior brand man

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