BGP's Epstein a Panelist at The Institutional Capital & Cannabis Conference

BGP Advisors is pleased to announce its co-Founder and Partner Ruth Epstein has been invited to serve as a panelist at The Institutional Capital and Cannabis Conference. The event, sponsored by cannabis industry giant MedMen, will be held at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, FL on January 23-24. The panel, entitled "Why Family Offices? A Unique Opportunity" will begin on Wednesday, January 24th at 9:25 am. The conversation is targeted at investment teams who represent high net worth individuals and families interested in diversifying into alternative asset classes. Epstein will be joined by Jason Adler of Cronos Capital and Adam Verner of Springhouse. The panel will be moderated by Sco Quotes Epstein on Cannabis Investors' Risk Tolerance

Andre Bourque,'s savvy and deeply experienced Cannabis Contributor and social media maven whose work has appeared in over 150 publications, has quoted BGP Advisors' Partner Ruth Epstein in his timely article, "Why Jeff Sessions' New War on Marijuana Hasn't Frightened Investors or Cannabis Entrepreneurs". The article was posted today on the Entrepreneur website. The subhead for the article lays out Bourque's rationale for stoic optimism in the face of last week's announcement of "The Sessions Memo" by US Attorney Jeff Sessions, which suspended Obama-era guidance de-prioritizing federal funding for punitive response to the development of voter-approved cannabis businesses in 2

The Sessions Memo: What Changed Today and What Did Not

The recent emergence of the state-legal cannabis industry in the US has been explosive and a cause for optimism on several themes: Health: Patients of all ages from young children to athletes, military veterans and the elderly use cannabis for relief from a variety of debilitating conditions, without the addiction and overdose risks of opioids, and with no recorded overdose deaths. State Economy: Legal states have experienced $Billions in sales, $Billions in annual tax revenues, hundreds of thousands of jobs, new small businesses filling underutilized real estate, diversified agriculture, and technological advances. Public Safety: The total US cannabis industry is estimated at ~$50 Billion.

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