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Top 10 List: The 10 Most Interesting Females in Cannabis Includes Epstein

A few online publications have picked up The 10 Most Interesting Females in Cannabis, a 2018 list which includes BGP's Ruth Epstein for bringing her deep experience in mainstream finance and consulting (Goldman Sachs, etc.) to the cannabis industry.

In making the 10 Most Interesting Females list, Epstein is in esteemed company.

Co-recipients include the first Latina to hold licenses in Nevada and California; a young mother whose daughter's life was saved by cannabis, so she created a research company to help others; a high-ranking California state official who was the first to explore a state bank to handle $1Billion in cannabis cash annually; a US Senator that has stepped to the forefront of the legalization process; and electrical engineer who got an MBA and breathed new life into the family's trade show business; and a 12-year old who is suing the United States for the right to take life-saving cannabis medicine. Or another way, ten outstanding individuals with 12 advanced degrees and counting...

As our industry matures, it's fair to expect many other talented individuals to follow in these footsteps.

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