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New Network Lets Cannabis Companies Advertise Online (At Last)

A story about online cannabis advertising went viral a few weeks ago. Sadly, cannabis companies already know it well: Facebook, Instagram, and Google don't allow cannabis advertising.

Headlines screamed in mainstream publications like The Washington Post, Capital Public Radio, and Adweek, and Westword to cannabis media including The Cannabist, 420Intel, and others.

(It's much worse than "won't allow" - in what The American Cannabis Report calls a digital raid, Facebook/Insta can delete your site and Google can block you from advertising at all.)

But realities in the cannabis industry change quicker than New England weather.

A new advertising network called Traffic Roots has launched to service the cannabis industry's hunger - should we say starvation? - for online advertising.

One very large advertiser reports doing a test run with Traffic Roots, using a single ad, for single day. The company got over 100,000 unique impressions on that ad on Day 1, and immediately uploaded its entire ad portfolio to Traffic Roots.

This is huge news for BGP Advisors' clients s well as hundreds of cannabis marketing professionals nationwide.

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