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Green Entrepreneur: "12 Cutting-Edge Marijuana Marketing Tactics That Work"

Green Entrepreneur is the cannabis-focused offshoot of the venerable business-startup publication, Entrepreneur.

Its editors asked BGP Advisors' Partner and marketing strategist Christopher Smith to contribute an article.

The piece, titled, "12 Cutting-Edge Marijuana Marketing Tactics That Work" goes well beyond traditional marketing strategy and challenges cannabis leaders and marketing professionals to consider not just the messages they deliver, but where they are delivered.

Part of the reason is simple practicality: cannabis businesses cannot advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google, or YouTube. Which is annoying, but certainly demands creative breakthroughs from

marketing strategists.

Here are a few examples:

#1. Advertise on a Vending Machine...

#2. Find an Ad Network That's Weed Friendly...

#6. Sponsor Something, or Somebody...

#9. Throw a Branded Party...

And now that we've whetter your appetite, here's the link to the article

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