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Treez Closes $11.5M Series A Under Epstein Leadership

The American Cannabis Report's David Hodes has penned an article for the American Cannabis Report called "Traditional Investors are Making Their Methods Felt in the Cannabis Industry" about cannabis software company Treez closing $11.5M in Series A financing under the leadership of BGP's Ruth Epstein.

Treez is growing fast and is currently in use in over 100 of the largest dispensaries in the country.

Epstein, who stepped in as acting Chief Financial Officer for Treez, is featured in the article.

"She realized that the company was short-handed, much like many startups, and wanted to help them raise additional capital, working with them at first on a volunteer basis. It soon became clear that it would be a full-time gig – not only helping Treez raise capital but helping to create the necessary financial controls and organization to facilitate the company’s growth. So she joined the company as their interim CFO/COO in January."

Investors have responded to Epstein's experience and professionalism:

"Epstein’s solid investment background provides a source of comfort to skittish investors. “I have been told by investors that it’s nice to be able to talk to someone who speaks their language,” Epstein says. “Most entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry grew up in cannabis and they have a very different way of looking at business. The fact that I come from the traditional capital-raising world means I just have a better understanding of what makes

investors comfortable – what they are looking for in terms of financial information, organizational structure, controls, corporate governance and how they manage the risks inherent in this industry.”

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